Trent Fielder

Being a para athlete presents its own challenges daily. From trying to understand certain techniques to equipment, and also which events are tailored to you. It can be daunting to someone who has not figured out how to navigate these obstacles. Scott came into our family’s life by way of a fellow athlete. After communicating with him online and then speaking with him, it was immediately apparent that he would be, not only an incredible coach, but a friend to us. Para Endurance is the perfect name for Scott’s mission as he is there to help his athletes see everything through to the end goal. Scott has sought, at every turn, to be alongside me in this journey. He has encouraged the competitive spirit, the vision I have to help others and to help me see humor, even in setbacks. Our conversations have been wide-ranging and always inspiring as we progress. In the past before Scott, coaching has felt, at times, like training only or as if you are “catching up” to another’s expertise or athletic level. With Scott and Para Endurance, his accomplishments have never been about medals or goals for me. He has sought to and succeeded at allowing me to seek out my vision and he brings everything to the table to help me accomplish that vision. As objectives change, so does Scott’s approach and his encouragement. Each step along the way that culminated into our very first TRI-HOPE triathlon event recently, Scott guided me in how best to prepare, train, execute, and, most importantly to me, incorporate my faith in my competitive experience. Having a coach with a shared vision, not only of wellness and competing, but also how sharing my faith permeates the total experience is what really defines success for me. His willingness to leave his home state and visit so the best possible outcomes can be reached through in-person training is an unexpected gift to anyone who works with him. If we are honest with ourselves, coaching, training and execution are all individual experiences and require individual, custom-fit plans to be successful. Scott’s natural style and selfless desire for his athletes is exactly that. Scott has done and continues to do so much for me as an athlete but also as a person whose faith is at the center of all he does. We have so much more to accomplish to give HOPE to all, especially those in service to others. I will be forever grateful for the friendship and expertise he offers generously. Go Para Endurance!!

  • Ironman 140.6 (144.6 I did Choo)
  • 1x IronMan 70.3
  • Multiple Sprint & Olympic triathlons
  • 1x 50K Ultramarathon
  • Multiple full & half marathons

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