Coaching…that makes a difference.

In our current culture, there are many who practice non-personal, quick fix, “one-size fits all” approaches. This might work for some, but is not always in your long term best interest. If you are wanting to capitalize on your time, efforts, and results, which comes from custom training plans and guidance that is specific to your needs and goals, then check us out. We start where you are and help you get where you need to be. Whether you are just starting or a seasoned athlete, we are here for you. Want to make minor improvements, or struggling to overcome serious challenges? Able bodied or adaptive athlete? We finish together. You are never alone.

  • Strategic coaching in balancing athletic goals while navigating life issues
  • Periodized training program based on your availability, schedule, and goals with weekly training schedule
  • Generous phone, email, text, and Zoom access to coach
  • Consultation & partnership deals on equipment
  • Mental and nutritional training tips and techniques
  • Recovery guidance
  • Pre and post race consultation
  • Appropriate data and video analysis
  • Geography is not a hinderance
  • Relevant insight on racing venues

Interested in coaching with Coach Scott?