PARA Endurance Camp – Austin

April 17-21, 2024

PARA Endurance Coaching & PARA Endurance Foundation enthusiastically presents the PARA Endurance Camp – Austin.

From deep in the heart of Texas, this camp provides highly engaging & interactive instructions in the basics of adaptive triathlon through interactive drills and lectures in a safe, accessible environment.

It’s geared to novice and intermediate levels, with an emphasis on first-timers. The camp is intended and designed for adults, but is accepting applications from 16 years old and up. Juniors, 16-19 years old, will be asked for recommendations & will be vetted to determine compatibility with the camp demands.

This experience blends educational and practical sessions in a usable, dynamic manner that culminates with a sprint race experience. Athletes need to arrive by Wednesday noon and we will conclude on Sunday afternoon.

This camp is:

>designed & led by certified USA Paratriathlon coaches and assisted by USA cycling coaches, experienced para-athletes, and vetted volunteers.

>USAT Sanctioned

>meets and/or exceeds all the standards for being para-friendly as set forth by USA Paratriathlon

> is in compliance with SafeSport

>meets and/or exceeds the Safety Certification standards of USAT

ATHLETES: must meet criteria set forth by USAT competition rules: “Participation in the Adaptive Triathlon Division is available to all athletes with a medically verified physical, visual, neurological, or intellectual impairment that limits one or more major life activities. Formal Paratriathlon classification into approved categories is not required for participation in the Adaptive Triathlon Division nor does such classification status prohibit an athlete from participating in the Adaptive Triathlon Division.” Note: In rare circumstances, race management reserves the right to request an athlete to present medical documentation of their eligibility.

Complete Adaptive Triathlon rules can be found here on pages 54-58:

This camp will offer the following specific divisions:

Vision Impaired – Includes athletes who are: (a) severe partially sighted with visual acuity of less than 6/60 vision or visual field less than 40 degrees with best corrective vision (b) totally blind. These athletes use one guide, which may be of a different gender. Must ride a tandem during the bike segment.
Wheelchair – Athletes use a recumbent hand cycle for the bike and a racing wheelchair for the run.
Ambulatory – In both bike and run segments, the athlete may use approved prosthesis or other supportive devices. These athletes ride upright bikes or trikes.

Eligibility includes those with medically verified intellectual impairment including, but not limited to, Down’s Syndrome, autism, etc.
Those eligible include but are not limited to those athletes with medically verified conditions such as TBI/PTSD, chronic diseases, congenital conditions, neurological conditions, etc.
For athletes who race with another athlete who pulls, pushes, or propels the athlete through the race course.

If you are unsure of your eligibility, questions should be directed in advance to: