TJ Lato

“I’d been a self-trained triathlete and runner for years before I worked with Scott. I joined one of his group coaching sessions and gained not only the benefit of his knowledge, but his friendship and the friendship of others as well. Scott exposed me to valuable training techniques I hadn’t tried before and also gave me the support of training and racing with a group of friends. Scott has an amazing way of pushing you to exhaustion, but yet still keeping that big, friendly smile on his face.
When it was time to tackle a full IM distance Scott was the one I trusted with my training. He directed my training plan, of course. But he also had conversations with me about nutrition and about the psychological aspects of training and race day. “

  • Ironman 140.6 (144.6 I did Choo)
  • 1x IronMan 70.3
  • Multiple Sprint & Olympic triathlons
  • 1x 50K Ultramarathon
  • Multiple full & half marathons

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