Nixo Lanning

Scott helps me meet my goals in planning out my races schedules in terms of balance with resting/recovery and come back to it stronger and better. He helps me in my understanding of nutrition/food intakes, what gear fits me better, and be proactive with my injuries. He knows people where he can make the connection of what I need in training or updating my triathlon gear.
Because I eat and live on this sport as an adrenaline junkie, his services improve my lifestyle by managing my stress, release, and assisting me being healthy & fit. Once I start the race, I am in it and feel the power of working hard and endurance. Those are the most sweetest feelings ever. He has helped me also in managing my stress – which helps my relationship with my friends, family, marriage, and to stay sober.

He has made an impact on my life by being willing to learn American Sign Language, ASL. He is willing to go out to understand you and what you need as a person/athlete. When we are at the same race and they do not provide an interpreter, Scott gives me access to information at the races and the awards by using ASL. That makes me feel that I am part of the tri community more than I was before. I am so honored and impressed that Scott is willing to learn ASL because it gives me that power of access to the sport, races and information that I didn’t know what I was missing in the past. If you are looking to overcome obstacles, I would recommend you consider him for a coach.

  • Multiple Medalist – USA Summer and Winter Deaflympic Team
  • Multiple Podiums and Finishes in Sprint, Olympic and 70.3 triathlons

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