Nancy Hansen

“I had just started running for the first time in my life just two months before having Scott as a coach. I had no formal training whatsoever. I asked Scott to help me prepare for my very first 5K run. I had just registered for the Duke City Marathon’s 5K run on October 20, 2013. Scott had a terrific influence on me as I felt confident that he was helping me prepare for the race in a variety of ways. He helped me with specific stretching exercises for warm ups and cool downs to promote healthy running and prevent injuries. He gave me tips to increase the capacity for my breathing, focus on my running cadence, mental pictures for a strong run and finish, and overcoming obstacles. He also gave me great applications for why I run, how to run, how to be consistent and why and how my running strategies and discipline can apply to my life as a whole.I have experienced severe loss and heartbreak in the last 4 years, and my running has been an outlet for the grief and emotional upheaval, as well as, a way to reduce my stress and help me cope. Scott was willing to share some of his own life journeys that have been difficult in order to help me see how the discipline and joy of running can help me now and in the future.Scott is personable, funny, warm, and exceptionally knowledgeable about running, biking, swimming, and sports training of all sorts. His own track record is amazing as he has not only competed in races and triathlons, but the brutal Ironman competition. He has completed the Ironman 9 times – I would call that pretty incredible!!”

  • Top Ten Age Group 2013 Duke City 5K

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