Joe Marino

“I started working with Coach Scott after I trained by myself for my first Ironman. Scott quickly provided structure and streamlined my training plan. I trained smarter, which equated to better recovery periods and higher intensity workouts. I even set a personal best at Ironman Arizona (12:40) with Scott by my side. Scott provided useful information regarding my bike trainer workouts. Prior to Scott I rode in front of the tv without a purpose. Now I get a lot out of every trainer ride. Although, sometimes I wish I could ride and actually enjoy the show I am watching. Scott will always talk to you to calm you down when you are getting nervous before a race. And even when you feel under-trained for a race, he’ll get your mindset to be positive and feeling good about your race prep. That helps more than I think even he realizes.Good luck training with Coach Scott. He will make any triathlete better. He did this for me for two iron distance races and a half iron race. Best part of racing: having my family and friends cheering me during the race and at the finish line.”

  • 6x Ironman 140.6
  • 4x IM 70.3 finisher

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