Jayden Chapman

"I first met Coach Scott at a the Inaugural Camp Catapult Paratriathlon camp in 2019. He was full of passion, great information, and inspiration about the sport. After the camp was over, he's continued to check in to see how my training is going. I've met with him for coaching sessions at other events since then, which has always been followed by a better understanding of proper form and, most importantly, an increase in speed! Coach Scott cares a lot about the success of the athletes he works with, both in sport and in life."

Kelly Butler

"I first met Scott when I heard him speak about paratriathlon at an organization I am actively involved in. As a new wheelchair user who previously had been a triathlete I was very eager to learn as much as I could from him. He was very approachable and spent quite a while speaking to me individually and giving me tips and insights into the sport. A month or so later I was looking for a local triathlon to participate in and I struggled to determine which races would be accessible, welcoming, and an overall good experience as a paratriathlete. I was overwhelmed with the logistics so I reached out to Scott. He was very encouraging and spent a lot of time over the next several weeks speaking with me, researching race courses for me, emailing  and speaking with race directors on my behalf to help guide them in incorporating adaptive athletes into their races. Ultimately this led to my very first paratriathlon being a huge success for both myself as well as the race directors. And Scott helped me with this simply because he truly cares. Months later Scott demonstrated again how approachable and caring he is when I reached out to him with more questions. Despite being out of state on a family vacation he took my calls and talked through problem solving with me.  Even though I was not a coached client and wasn't paying him, Scott consistently spent time helping me and never made me feel less important because of that. He treats everyone like they matter and genuinely wants to help others.  Later Scott coached me at Camp Catapult, a paratriathlon camp in Texas. He is knowledgeable in all disciplines and under his guidance I improved in all areas. As for swimming, I learned a lot in both the pool and in his "in the water with you" open water swim technique sessions. By reviewing video recordings of my swim stroke with me Scott was able to guide me to make corrections that notably improved my swim times. Another area he really made a difference for me in was in teaching me how to race in a push-rim. I had never been in one prior to the camp and in a short time I was comfortable with the technique and skills to maneuver and race in the chair. He is a patient, flexible and caring coach. Camp is a unique situation where you are able to observe the coaches working with different athletes. I noticed that Scott was flexible in his coaching and utilized different approaches and communication styles with each individual athlete to match their personality and learning style. He also is knowledgeable and skilled at coaching various levels of athletes, from beginners to elite paralympic hopefuls and is able to create a positive environment of continued growth and success no matter the level of the athlete. Another great thing about Scott is that he is authentic and real. A coach needs to encourage and motivate their athlete along the way but in order to fully benefit from any cheerleading you need to trust that they're also going to tell you when you need to work on something or re-evaluate a goal or else the positive feedback is diluted. You can trust that Scott will always have your best interests in mind and he's going to be your biggest cheerleader but that he'll also give constructive feedback"

Joe Marino

New Mexico
"I started working with Coach Scott after I trained by myself for my first Ironman. Scott quickly provided structure and streamlined my training plan. I trained smarter, which equated to better recovery periods and higher intensity workouts. I even set a personal best at Ironman Arizona (12:40) with Scott by my side. Scott provided useful information regarding my bike trainer workouts. Prior to Scott I rode in front of the tv without a purpose. Now I get a lot out of every trainer ride. Although, sometimes I wish I could ride and actually enjoy the show I am watching. Scott will always talk to you to calm you down when you are getting nervous before a race. And even when you feel under-trained for a race, he'll get your mindset to be positive and feeling good about your race prep. That helps more than I think even he realizes.Good luck training with Coach Scott. He will make any triathlete better. He did this for me for two iron distance races and a half iron race. Best part of racing: having my family and friends cheering me during the race and at the finish line."
  • 6x Ironman 140.6
  • 4x IM 70.3 finisher

TJ Lato

"I’d been a self-trained triathlete and runner for years before I worked with Scott. I joined one of his group coaching sessions and gained not only the benefit of his knowledge, but his friendship and the friendship of others as well. Scott exposed me to valuable training techniques I hadn’t tried before and also gave me the support of training and racing with a group of friends. Scott has an amazing way of pushing you to exhaustion, but yet still keeping that big, friendly smile on his face. When it was time to tackle a full IM distance Scott was the one I trusted with my training. He directed my training plan, of course. But he also had conversations with me about nutrition and about the psychological aspects of training and race day. "
  • Ironman 140.6 (144.6 I did Choo)
  • 1x IronMan 70.3
  • Multiple Sprint & Olympic triathlons
  • 1x 50K Ultramarathon
  • Multiple full & half marathons

Trent Fielder

Being a para athlete presents its own challenges daily. From trying to understand certain techniques to equipment, and also which events are tailored to you. It can be daunting to someone who has not figured out how to navigate these obstacles. Scott came into our family’s life by way of a fellow athlete. After communicating with him online and then speaking with him, it was immediately apparent that he would be, not only an incredible coach, but a friend to us. Para Endurance is the perfect name for Scott’s mission as he is there to help his athletes see everything through to the end goal. Scott has sought, at every turn, to be alongside me in this journey. He has encouraged the competitive spirit, the vision I have to help others and to help me see humor, even in setbacks. Our conversations have been wide-ranging and always inspiring as we progress. In the past before Scott, coaching has felt, at times, like training only or as if you are “catching up” to another’s expertise or athletic level. With Scott and Para Endurance, his accomplishments have never been about medals or goals for me. He has sought to and succeeded at allowing me to seek out my vision and he brings everything to the table to help me accomplish that vision. As objectives change, so does Scott’s approach and his encouragement. Each step along the way that culminated into our very first TRI-HOPE triathlon event recently, Scott guided me in how best to prepare, train, execute, and, most importantly to me, incorporate my faith in my competitive experience. Having a coach with a shared vision, not only of wellness and competing, but also how sharing my faith permeates the total experience is what really defines success for me. His willingness to leave his home state and visit so the best possible outcomes can be reached through in-person training is an unexpected gift to anyone who works with him. If we are honest with ourselves, coaching, training and execution are all individual experiences and require individual, custom-fit plans to be successful. Scott’s natural style and selfless desire for his athletes is exactly that. Scott has done and continues to do so much for me as an athlete but also as a person whose faith is at the center of all he does. We have so much more to accomplish to give HOPE to all, especially those in service to others. I will be forever grateful for the friendship and expertise he offers generously. Go Para Endurance!!

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