David Nix

New Mexico
"I met Scott in April 2019 before my first Triathlon (sprint distance). I was introduced to him by one of the race directors who knew that I am a below the knee amputee and knew that Coach Scott was the only local certified USA Para-Triathlon coach. I immediately liked Coach Scott. He is very personable and has a great attitude in general. From day one, Coach Scott genuinely wanted to help me improve my skills and fitness.Coach Scott and I began working together during the summer of 2019. I should mention that in addition to Coach Scott, I also worked with other local triathlon coaches so that I could make an educated decision on who was best suited to prepare me for the goals I have set.
Coach Scott worked with me, mostly on swimming but also some running as well. At that time, I did not have a prosthetic specifically for running and was doing sprint distance triathlons on a walking prosthetic. Coach Scott has a significant network of resources and partnerships and through Coach Scott, I met my current Prosthetist, David Rotter, who fit me and constructed my most prized possession, my running blade.
By the end of the 2019 summer, I had fallen in love with the sport of Triathlon. After receiving my blade I contacted Coach Scott and together we chose a Half Ironman, Lubbock 70.3. I started training regularly and seriously with Coach Scott at the end of November, 2019 and since then my fitness and my swim skills have dramatically improved. I am also running farther and faster than I thought I was capable of and cycling faster than ever before.
As I stated previously, Coach Scott has a significant network of partnerships and resources all over the country and throughout the sport. I've received great discounts on bike helmets, Tri Suits, nutritional supplements, wetsuits, swim gear, etc. After 25 years racing Triathlon, Coach Scott has a wealth of knowledge about what works, what doesn't and what to think about or consider while preparing for a race.
I think what I like best about working with Coach Scott is the accountability aspect of training with a coach. Not so much that I need someone to make me get out and do the workouts but more like I need someone (who I respect) that's "been there done that" to keep me in check and prevent me from over training and suffering an injury which, for an adaptive athlete, is a very real concern.
Coach Scott is a great guy whom I trust. We speak regularly about my training over the telephone and often meet in person for a swim session, track workout or a bike ride. Scott is my coach but he's also become a good friend. Scott genuinely cares about and believes in me. He takes pride in his coaching and his athletes and seems to truly enjoy watching us succeed."
  • 2021 1st place PC Open Division - Ironman Texas 70.3

Jeff Lampe

“I was a brand new triathlete when I first met Scott. We met at a Challenged Athletes Foundation training camp for adaptive athletes. The camp was for those wanting to learn more about triathlons on beginning and intermediate levels. This was August 2016. Right away Scott dove in to help me and also learn as much as he could on adaptive athletes needs and different setup issues we encounter. The first thing you will notice about Scott is his smile and warm personality! Fast forward to spring 2018, I had reconnected with Scott and we talked about me doing the Boulder Half Ironman, I knew I wanted Scott in my corner. Well, shortly after we teamed up I found out I was going to the World Championships in Kona Hawaii for the Full Ironman. Mind you I had not even ever done a half distance Ironman. In less than 6 months Scott took me from newbie triathlete to IRONMAN Ready. My starting point was that of a recreational biker/ runner, if not less. So this was a monumental task being an adaptive athlete. Scott would go out of his way to make sure my millions of questions were answered. He gave me pep talks when I needed them and also pushed me when I needed it. We had a wild ride together to get me to the end of that finish line, but when I crossed that line I felt great, my race was fantastic and I couldn’t have been more prepared for the time we had! Thank you Scott for being in my corner and sharing the journey.”
  • 2018 Ironman World Championship Finisher Kona Hawaii
  • 2018 70.3 Ironman Boulder Finisher with PR, 3rd place Physically Challenged Division
  • 2018 70.3 Ironman Coeur d’ Alene Finisher/Survivor, 3rd place Physically Challenged Division

Rachel Weeks

“I have been working with Coach Scott since May of 2018. I met Coach Scott at a paratriathlon camp in January of 2018 and my coach at the time had little understanding of the paratriathlon world. I was ready to work with someone who understood competing as a triathlete in the para community. Coach Scott was not only certified through USAT but knew and works with the community closely. As an athlete, I have competed in two Ironmans, four Half Ironmans, sprints and Olympics as well. When I began working with Coach Scott he coached me through my first Paratriahtlon National Championship and I was a bronze finish. He also coached my through my first ITU World Cup event in Sarasota, FL as well as my first Paracycling event as the Track Nationals in Colorado Springs, CO. I have managed to cut my swim time from 2:20 per 110 yard down to 1:40 ish on a good day and my run has improved immensely. My cycling has also taken off where we are beginning to work with power and incorporating strength training. I have enjoyed this process with Coach Scott in learning what my body can and will do. The most important piece of our relationship, however, is the ability to let him know when life is affecting me and how. I believe its crucial for an athlete, especially one that is pursuing elite status, to be transparent. I have been able to have this relationship without it becoming an excuse. Coach Scott is able to balance empathy as a coach as well as push me to not let life get in the way of a healthy and balanced life of an athlete.”
  • 3rd Place Vision Impaired 2018 USA Paratriathlon National Championship

Jason Millsaps

“I had the privilege to be coached by Scott Bennefield for a year as he helped me prepare for my very first triathlon and first full Ironman. Scott shared with me his wealth of knowledge on how to train properly, tapering, nutrition, supplements, products, creating for me a great training plan and more. I’ve come to love the triathlon sport thanks to Scott Bennefield. Scott gave me the right guidance to help me reach my goals. I’ve never felt any better about myself and losing over 50 pounds and being in the best shape I’ve ever been in definitely helps in feeling this great. Not only has Scott been an inspiration to me but is truly a great friend, an encourager, training accountability partner, and a great coach. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”
  • 10x - Ironman 70.3 Finisher
  • 9x Ironman Finisher

Randi Strunk

“I met Scott at a camp for new paratriathletes and I remember having good lunch conversations with him. Fast forward two years and I saw him at another camp and read about successes his athletes were posting on social media. I contacted Scott about working with me, and I found his approach to be thorough and rooted in a great deal of knowledge and in his own vast personal experience in endurance sports. Scott combines coaching, communication, and a genuineness that results in a solid training plan, and more importantly a solid partnership. In our time together I was able to achieve a personal best half marathon time and was on my way to a personal best half Ironman time before weather shortened the race. Aside from on the course successes, I dealt with some difficult personal and injury situations and I appreciate Scott’s ability to be flexible and understand while still adapting training so I could get as much out of my time as possible. I appreciate his support for his athletes both in sport and in life.”
  • Accomplished Vision Impaired triathlon and endurance sport athlete
  • Multiple Ironman, Ironman 70.3, and marathon finisher

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